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4/26/15 Missing Hikers
Two Thai nationals from Bangkok called Alaska State Troopers Saturday night to say they were lost in the dark near the West Glacier Trail Peninsula.The two visitors were located at the base of a cliff by search dogs at 1:00AM Sunday. They were cold and emotionally distraught, but SEADOGS’ handlers surveyed, stabilized and determined that they had no injuries.

9/21/14 Missing Hunter
SEADOGS and JMR teamed up to find a missing hunter. Friends and family had been in contact with him and told the Troopers that he had slipped down off the path and was trying to get back to the path using the lite from his cell phone and a lighter. He was last seen on Gold Ridge in good condition. Four teams scanned the area where he was last reported to be seen. After a call to the troopers a team was sent to the Mining museum, where the dog team was able to pick up a direction and found him cold, disoriented and hungry. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/sep/22/juneau-hunter-reported-missing-is-found/

9/16/14 Missing Boater
SEADOGs and JMR teams were sent by boat to look for a missing boater, who's empty boat was found going in circles in front of the Auke Bay Area. Portland and Cogland islands were covered on foot and a thid team conducted a water search. http://juneauempire.com/local/2014-09-17/coast-guard-suspends-search-missing-boater#.VDne9EvoYy4

5/27/14 Missing Hiker
A multiday search for missing hiker Sharon Buis, was conducted using multiply resources. Unfortunately no sign of the hiker was found. http://juneauempire.com/local/2014-05-29/frustration-grows-fifth-day-search-missing-hiker#.VDnef0voYy4

12/30/13 Missing Hunters
A grandfather and grandson were found and given assistance hiking back to the road, from the Fish Creek area on Douglas Island.

12/23/13 Missing Hikers
Two boys got confused hiking back from the ice caves along the west side of Mendenhall Glacier and were found along the cliff area that faces Skaters Cabin.

11/12/13 Missing Man
Man missing for three days in Haines.http://juneauempire.com/local/2013-11-13/searchers-find-body-missing-man-haines#.VDneDUvoYy4

6/18/13 Missing Boater
Search for man who fell over board in Excursion Inlet.

3/4/13 Missing Hiker
A 47 yr old woman was found lost in the area along Nugget Creek. She called troopers at about 4:30pm, searchers were dispatched at 6pm and were able to locate and walk her back to the visitors center.

1/14/13 Missing Student
A 7 year old Mendenhall River School student wasn't on campus when a parent arrived to pick him up. after a three hour search the 7yr was located.

12/8/12 Missing Hiker
A lost hunter got turned around on his way back towards the end of North Douglas Highway. He was able to make it back to the highway before searchers arrived.

11/27/12 Missing Hunter
An 81 year old Angoon resident was found after missing for three days while on a hunt North of Angoon.

10/9/12 Missing Hiker
SEADOGS, Coast Guard and Alaska Troopers were called out on a search for a lost hiker on the Dupont Pt. trail. He was found in a cabin near Point Bishop and was walked out by SEADOGS volunteers.

6/26/12 Missing Hiker
Local hiker Colin Buness, 25, left Wrangell for a hiking and kayaking trip along the Kikahe and Stikine rivers. Burness, an experienced hiker with extensive knowledge of the area was equiped with a SPOT transmitter and last checked in on Friday at 8am. The Rescue Coordination Center in Juneau was notified. An Air National Guard helicopter flew Juneau SEADOGS volunteers to Wrangell to assist in the search.

5/8/12 Missing Hiker
13 year old Makayla Roberts was found alive after missing for a weekend near Port Protection on Prince of Wales island. B

6/15/11 Missing Hiker
Adam Webb, 30, of Hampton Bays, N.Y. was reported missing on Sunday when he did not return from a hike on Saturday. Webb was found deceased on a rock face adjacent to the Herbert Glacier. Volunteers from SEADOGS, JMR and the Alaska State Troopers took part in the search.

2/24/11 Body of missing Juneau Man Found
The body of missing Juneau resident Hunter Wolfe, 21, was found early Wednesday during a search and rescue operation conducted by the Alaska State Troopers, the Juneau Police Department and members of the Southeast Alaska Dogs Organized for Ground Search. According to an AST press release, SEADOGS searchers located Wolfe’s body approximately two miles north of the Echo Cove boat launch. (Juneau Empire)

3/07/10 Missing Boater's Body Found
On 3/6/10, at 2221 hours, Juneau AST received a report from the Juneau Police Department of a missing female. Investigation revealed that on 3/6/10, at 0130 hours, Sonja Ray, 24, of Juneau, had last been seen by her friend walking down the pier toward her boat in the Fisherman's Bend harbor. On 3/6/10, at approximately 1900 hours, Ray's friend received information that Ray was missing and went to Ray's boat to check on her, but she only found Ray's ID card on the pier next to her boat. On 3/6/10, at 2310 hours, two members from SEADOGS conducted a search of the pier near Ray's boat and the dogs alerted to an area near her boat. On 3/7/10, at 0839 hours, two volunteer divers located Ray's body in the water approximately 20 feet from where her boat was docked. The case has been turned back over to JPD for further investigation. Ray's next of kin have been notified. (Deckboss-theBrig.blogspot.com)

2/25/10 Girl,12, found safe after 5 hour search
Hawkins had been talking on her cell phone with a friend for a while and decided to call 9-1-1 shortly before the battery was completely depleted. The Juneau Police Department, the Alaska State Troopers, SEADOGS, Juneau Mountain Rescue and the newly formed Douglas Mountain Rescue launched a search and rescue operation with 18 people. (Juneau Empire)

November 2009: Missing Hunter found on Admiraalty
A Juneau man was found safe on Admiralty Island Saturday, hours after not returning on time to meet his hunting party. Alexander White, 24, went deer hunting on the island with three other Juneau residents Saturday morning in the Oliver Inlet area. After entering the woods the hunters split up and planned to met back at the beach at 2 p.m., according to Alaska State Troopers. At 3 p.m., White still hadn't returned to the beach, so the other members of his party began to search the shoreline from their boat. After not finding him, they contacted the U.S. Coast Guard at 6 p.m., the Troopers said. At 8:15 p.m., six members of Juneau Mountain Rescue and one member of SEADOGS were transported by the Coast Guard to Oliver Inlet to b

July 2009: Body of Missing teen recovered from Mt. McGinnis
Rescue groups are searching for a 16-year-old Juneau boy who became separated from friends while hiking on Mount McGinnis. Alaska State Troopers received a call at about 2:15 p.m. Wednesday that one of three teenagers hiking on the mountain near the Mendenhall Glacier was separated from the group and lost. The boy had not been located as of press time Wednesday night. "Evidently his backpack slid down the back side and he went after it," Trooper Jeff Landvatter said Wednesday evening. "He hasn't been seen since." The troopers, SEADOGS, Juneau Mountain Rescue and Temsco Helicopters conducted the search Wednesday afternoon and evening. His Body was discovered late Wednesday and was recovered by Juneau Mountain Rescue the next morning. (Juneau Empire)

May, 17 2009: Searchers find missing Ketchikan hiker
The woman who was rescued a day after taking a bad fall in the woods was doing well at Ketchikan General Hospital on Friday. Shortly before 5 p.m. that day, she took a fall from a 15-foot cliff and was able to report her injuries by cell phone to Ketchikan Fire Department... Oganizations who came to help in the search included people from Ketchikan Fire Department, Ketchikan Police Department, KVRS, Port and Harbors Department, KGH, Ketchikan Gateway Borough, Ketchikan Coast Guard personnel, Ketchikan Search Dogs, the Seadogs group from Juneau and Juneau Mountain Rescue, according to troopers and KVRS. Kiffer said 75 or more people responded to help. (Juneau Empire)

November 2008: Missing Hikers
At about 6 p.m. Tuesday, state troopers were notified that three hikers were overdue on Point Bridget Trail. Members of Juneau Mountain Rescue and SEADOGS searched for the hikers, who were located at a camping cabin, in good health. (Juneau Empire)

July 2008: Hiker uninjured after becoming trapped on Auke Mountain
Returning from a day hike Thursday, Gil Burnet, 23, decided to take a shortcut down Auke Mountain and found himself trapped in a steep ravine near dark and calling for help. Ninety-minutes later, a series of phone calls brought a TEMSCO helicopter with a team from Juneau Mountain Rescue and SEADOGS, who located Burnet by spotlight in a cliff section of the mountain. Burnet described his location as a "bad position," according to SEADOGS operations manager Bruce Bowler. Burnet was uninjured according to Alaska State Troopers organizing the search effort. (Juneau Empire)

9/20/07 Search near Wrangell suspended
The search for two brothers missing near Wrangell has ended. Coast Guard says the decision to suspend the case was made at 6:20 Wednesday evening.  He says they scoured the area and came up with no signs of the men after SEADOGS and Wrangell SAR covered nearby islands and waterways. Alaska State Troopers also suspended its search and recalled the SEADOGS and CAP. (Juneau Empire)

9/19/07 58-year-old Juneau resident Al Kegler has been missing since his 16-foot skiff capsized in rough water a few minutes after noon on Wednesday. He had just dropped off two female friends on a beach before motoring back into the shallow passage between Lincoln and Ralston islands, when his boat capsized. Ground crews found no trace of Kegler on Lincoln, Ralston and Benjamin islands. The Coast Guard suspended its search at 4 p.m. Thursday, but supported SEADOGS, Sitka SAR, AST, friends and relatives who searched as far north as St. James Bay, south through Lynn Canal and from Lincoln to Shelter islands.

9/17/07 Not only was a 39 year old Juneau man lost in the dark with his girlfriend on a Lemon Creek area trail Monday night, he was also in the dark about an obligation he had to report for jury duty selection. She used her cell phone to call and report they weren't sure how to get back and were lost in the dark.  A neighbor in the area familiar with the trail system went up the trail and found them while Troopers and SEADOGS were responding.   Trooper dispatch notified Sergeant Cox that he had a warrant for his arrest. Cox says the man was surprised and said he wasn't aware of the warrant. He says it was an interesting case where they make an attempt to help someone, but end up having to arrest them.”

9/15: Seadogs assisted in the search for a runaway The teen was reported missing Friday evening at 8 PM.  She was found near Goldbelt Hotel by JYS

June 2007: Darlene Harris Lee, a Gustavus woman was found by searchers
Saturday evening.  She was last seen Friday walking on a beach.
Lee was located in a boat on blocks on a beach and transported to
Bartlett Regional Hospital in Juneau. There's no word on the extent of her injuries or how they were sustained.
The search involved the SEADOGS, State Troopers, Coast Guard, Civil Air Patrol, National Park Service, and Gustavus EMS. (KINY News)

June 2003: Lost Skagway Hunter
Two Juneau search and rescue members found a cold and wet overdue hunter early Tuesdayy. Shaun McKnight, 33, of Skagway, "was very cold, very wet and very happy to be rescued," said Bruce Bowler, head of Southeast Alaska Dogs for Organized Ground Search. SEADOGS handlers Randy Walling and Kirk Radach found him at about 4:45 a.m. Tuesday on Sullivan Island south of Haines. (Juneau Empire)

SEADOGS has been on many, many more searches than the ones listed above. The list above were selected from printed articles which have already been made public.

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